Tekken Hybrid
Developer: Namco - Bandai
Publisher: Namco - Bandai
Release Date: Out Now
Players/Online features: 1 Ė 2
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Tekken Hybrid brings together a remake of Tekken Tag Tournament in HD, a prologue to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and a full length animated film set in the Tekken universe.

The main attraction of this bundle is the HD remake of Tekken Tag Tournament. Tekken Tag Tournament gameplay makes some changes to the style of Tekken by allowing the user to choose two characters instead of one, with the ability to cycle between them during combat. This opens up many new ways to mash up your enemies and for those of us that are not experts at fighting games this serves us as a second health bar. The game features more than 20 playable characters, a small variety of special game modes such as Tekken Bowl (which literally is a bowling simulator in which you control Tekken characters) and the usual selection of modes like arcade, survival and time attack.

Graphically you can tell this game is not from this console generation, due to the low res background textures as well as some of the character models. The sound quality is quite poor and there are some out-dated visual mechanics in the game, such as the floor moving while the background stays relatively still, so your character looks like they are on a treadmill.

Tekken Blood Vengeance is the full length CGI animated film set in the Tekken universe which (for the lucky few of you that can) is also available in 3D. The film follows the story of Xiaoyu Ling who has to gain information about a mysterious student for the G Corporation. The film is a nice addition to the bundle as it helps to add a backstory as well as personality to some of the characters in the Tekken games. However, at times it feels like youíre just watching a very long cut scene. The film is dubbed in English (as you may have guessed) meaning that when people are speaking their facial animation does not match the words, which can be quite off-putting.

The bundle also features a prologue to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which is just a demo of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In this game you have the choice of 4 playable characters from Tekken Blood Vengeance and one game mode, arcade which gets old quickly as the combination of characters soon runs out. The game play is very similar to the original tag tournament, but feels much more fluid, and fortunately the graphics have improved as well, although the voices of the characters are still in Japanese.

Tekken Hybrid is a decent value-for-money bundle full of Tekken goodness which will appeal to both hard-core Tekken fans and to people who are just up for a decent fighting experience. The film will appeal especially to Tekken fans, although this it can easily be mistaken for the opening cinematic to one of the games (until you get 10 minutes into it and realise itís a film) as there is no indication that it is the film. Tekken Tag tournament HD offers a good arcade style fighting experience which you can just pick up and play although it does show its age. Plus the Hybrid bundle gives you the chance to play the prologue to the long awaited Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Best Bits

- Tekken Tag tournament is still as fun as ever.
- A chance to take a look at Tekken Tag 2.
- Bowling with Tekken characters is surprisingly fun.
Worst Bits

- Tekken Tag Tournament shows its age.
- Tag Tournament 2 prologue is very limited and soon gets repetitive.
- Tekken Blood Vengeance can be confusing if you are not familiar with the characters.

by: Banjokazoozie

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