Developer: Codemasters Guildford Studio
Publisher: Codemasters
Release Date: Out Now
Players/Online features: Single player, 2-12 online
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Bodycount is a first person shooter which mainly focuses on killing people, killing people quickly and as many as you possibly can in as many different ways as you can. Graphically the game looks like an early this-generation console release as the graphics aren#t the best and this may hold the game back in a generation full of graphics whores. But maybe you can rely on a good solid story, maybe not.

Bodycount’s storyline branches over a variety of environments and follows the journey of Jackson, a former soldier who works for a company called The Network. The story is told by a woman talking via some form of radio communication, although without the option for subtitles and with the constant sound of gunfire ringing in your ears it’s hard to follow what little information you receive. The story may not be as solid as other games, with a lack of character development and a fairly basic plotline, but it does provide a constant source of action.

The game’s variety of opponents stretches as far as killing the same few character models in either red or blue, although there are some “special” enemies such as armoured guards and heavily armed Hench guys. All of the enemies go down pretty quickly on the normal mode and when faced with a huge guy with a massive machine gun prepared for a fight, you throw a couple of grenades and toss a few mines and oh… he’s dead.

Bodycount boasts destructible environments and although it does have some destructible scenery, this can only be found on the specific linear paths. This takes away some of the edge that the mechanic may have had although on the multiplayer it works very well. The multiplayer mode is generally fun, it doesn’t do anything ground-breaking with online mechanics but it holds up to give an enjoyable killing experience. The online mode plays similarly to the campaign, which may not sound great but when you are in a fire fight and the scenery is being shredded around you, it offers some exciting moments, and something more dynamic than the typical ‘Call of Duty-like’ experience.

The game utilises unusual controls, for instance the aim/lean/crouch commands are all controlled with the analogue sticks when in the aim mode, a bit like Medal of Honor’s last year. This can be very handy and eliminates the problem of having people blind firing from cover (although most of the game is just pure blind fire anyway). You also get power-ups, which can easily turn the tide in your favour in combat, such as the invincibility power-up or the incendiary ammo power-up. The control system can be hard to grasp but at least there is always the auto aim to fall back on.

Bodycount is a fast-paced shooting game that leans on the “old school” boundaries, with arcade-style mechanics and combo "Skillshot" killing gameplay (much like a game we rated highly and had a lot of fun with earlier this year, Bulletstorm.) However, with a release date unfortunately close to big games like Call of Duty MW3 and Battlefield 3, it’s likely that people will buy those games instead of this.

Best Bits

- Practically unlimited ammo.
- Fun arcade-style gameplay.
- A button for dispensing landmines.
- 2-12 Multiplayer mode.
Worst Bits

- Storyline is instantly forgettable.
- Dated-looking, muddy graphics.
- Silenced pistol is near useless.

by: Banjokazoozie

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