Singstar: Queen
Developer: Singstar: Queen
Publisher: SCEE
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-2
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Yet another compilation disk for Singstar, but personally this is a welcome selection of tracks. I avoided the ABBA collection like the plague as it’s more chick flick material, whereas in the style of Al Murray pub landlord, you can’t help wanting to blast out a few Queen classics. I’m glad to say there is no ‘pretender to the crown’ Paul Rogers tosh (that’ll be post-Freddy Queen - Ed.), just good old Freddy and the boys.

So to the only bit of the review you’re most likely to read, the track listing:-

Another One Bites The Dust
Bicycle Race
Bohemian Rhapsody
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Don’t Stop Me Now
Fat Bottomed Girls
Hammer To Fall
I Want It All
One Vision
Play The Game
Somebody To Love
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Tie Your Mother Down
Under Pressure
We Are The Champions
We Will Rock You
Who Wants To Live Forever
You’re My Best Friend

As you can see there is a pretty hefty slice of Queen’s back catalogue there. A few omissions I guess but one can hardly complain. I thought it would be prudent to give the game a road test ASAP so roped in Mrs T on a sunny Saturday afternoon whilst the kids were busy in the garden, big mistake...

Two reasons, firstly, the only time I usually sing is when I’m two or three sheets to the wind on a late night with mates when I think I can sing like an angel. Unfortunately this is not the reality and therefore my inept warbling was more than apparent. Second mistake, playing Singstar on a sunny afternoon when the kids are coming in and out of the garden means they are continually opening (and never closing) the back door. Therefore the neighbours were also able to sample mine and Mrs T’s less than harmonic renditions of the above tracks.

I soon realised how few Queen songs I actually know beyond the chorus and how bloody hard “Who Wants to Live Forever” really is to sing. That said it’s a cheap way of getting a decent collection of Queen anthems for your PS2 collection. There are a few interesting combinations of singing on the tracks. Some, such as Bohemian Rhapsody are split between lead and backing vocals, “Galileo-Galileo!” – this is great stuff and appeals to a wide ranging target audience, and is therefore highly recommended as family get-together and post-pub gaming fodder.

Best Bits

- You may insert your favourite Queen track here
- It's proper bloody music, where you can hear the words, with a beat that you can dance to
Worst Bits

- A shameful reminder of my inability to sing like Freddy Mercury (but who can?)
- No Flash!

by: Telecoda

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