Cheggers' Party Quiz
Developer: Oxygen Games
Publisher: Oxygen Interactive
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-8
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I think it's fair to say that Cheggers is very much a 'Marmite' person – there is unlikely to be any middle ground in either you finding him entertaining or slightly annoying. Of course, for the sake of this review though I have to be completely impartial.

Cheggers' Party Quiz is a simple quiz game. You have rounds of questions, some with pictures, some without, but all introduced by a virtual Cheggers. Up to 8 people can play in a single game, but you only need 4 pads and a single multitap as it is possible for two players to share a single pad. That's good because it helps keep the cost of having a 4 player game down, below the price of Sony's 'Buzz!' games with their buzzer peripherals, which are the natural competitor for your family quiz game monies. This is an especially good thing as it's likely to be a game you'll play out on Christmas Day with the family, and then it will disappear to the back of the games cupboard never to be seen again, so you probably don't want to pay too much for it.

As a quiz game there's not a lot that I can fault it for. It's not as polished as 'Buzz!' - and the review score reflects that - but I'm not really sure it matters. The question of whether you will want to play this with anyone can be answered with the aid of a quote shamelessly stolen from Oxygen Games' website:
“It will be compulsory for everyone (including the family) who comes to my house over the Christmas period to Challenge Cheggers to Cheggers Party Quiz...” - Keith Chegwin

Now, do you consider that to be:
a) An open offer of endless laughter and fun?
b) A threat?

Still, it is fairly cheap, and a welcome alternative to Christmas Day charades or watching 'The Snowman' again...

Best Bits

- Cheggers! Wahey!
- Fairly decent quiz
- You can get a 4 player quiz out of two controllers.
Worst Bits

- Cheggers! Arrgh!

by: Jocky

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