Ben 10 : Protector of the Earth
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-2
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He's tiny, creepy, fast, and strong
He's every shape and size
He's Ben 10 (Ben 10 Ben 10)

Morning after morning I was greeted to this song over and over again. Two of my sons (aged 7 and 9) are devout Ben 10 fans. They have watched pretty much every episode of Ben 10 they can on Cartoon Network. Therefore when given the task of playing the game they took it on with relish.

The game is based upon the lead character Ben 10 who has the ability to turn into a series of different alien characters with different abilities. At the beginning of the game Ben is robbed of these skills and it is his job to reclaim these super powers to defeat the evil Vilgax.

The artwork in the game mirrors the cartoon fairly closely using 3D cel-shaded graphics. The environment is predominantly a side-scrolling pseudo-3D affair.

The story is spread across 14 levels, peppered with occasional bosses. Single player and co-operative play is possible. Being big fans of Lego Star Wars co-op play, the boys opted for this option first. There are some simple puzzles during the levels that require a little co-operation but most of the levels can be completed as a solo affair, ignoring the other player entirely.

You are able to unlock 5 aliens that you can transform to, each with different abilities. 80 attack combos can also be unlocked that are triggered via button combos similar to many beat-em-ups.

I left the final decision down to my boys after they had played through the entire game (not, I hasten to add, in a single sitting - I’m a responsible parent after all…) This is their summary:-
“It’s a great game, the graphics really look like the cartoon. It’s all over a bit too quickly. The game should’ve been longer, there should’ve been more aliens to unlock. Some of the sound effects getting annoying after a while as you hear them a lot.”

Fortunately this game can be picked up for between £15-£20 so is pretty cheap therefore the longevity can somewhat be overlooked. Ultimately it’s a game aimed at children and my two boys did enjoy themselves whilst playing it. One for any young Ben 10 fan.

Best Bits

- Similar graphics to the cartoon
- Cheap
Worst Bits

- Too short
- Repetitive sound effects

by: Telecoda

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