Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge
Developer: Oxygen Games
Publisher: Oxygen Interactive
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-8 (with multitap)
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For me, despite his glittering career with Liverpool as a player, Alan Hansen will always be the “expert pundit” who pompously declared that “'you can't win anything with kids'!” as Manchester United - having just sold Mark Hughes, Andrei Kanchelskis and Paul Ince - started the 1995-96 season with a 3-1 defeat away to Aston Villa… Seemingly oblivious of this fact, 'Fergie's Fledglings' led by the brilliant Eric Cantona won the league by four points, and completed a memorable double winning the F.A. Cup final against Liverpool…

So having completely destroyed his own credibility as any sort of expert whatsoever, why should you buy Hansen’s quiz game when there are so many others on offer these days? Well… if the family like their sports then it might just be the perfect game at Christmas, and Hansen is considerably less annoying than Cheggers and that twat Buzz. A cartoony Hansen even slips his most infamous quote in from time to time as he hosts the game – a nice touch, as are the various other bits of dry wit that issue forth as you put your sporting knowledge to the test (he gets his favourite word “diabolical” in a few times too).

The game seems to have plenty of questions (supposedly thousands) and a lot seem to be football-related but we never had one repeated in the time we played it. The game is obviously designed as a multiplayer game (up to 8 with a multitap), but you can play solo just you for practice with no competition. It’s nicely presented and allows you customisable player icons and buzzer sounds (including my favourite, a f-a-a-a-r-t noise). The only annoyances we had in gameplay were that no reasons for certain answers are given, presumably so it’s more difficult for saddos to memorize all the answers.

The game’s only problems are the longevity and replayability of this sort of game, and the massive amount of quiz game competition at the moment. But the real killer has to be the fact that although it’s cheap-ish by today’s standards (RRP £24.99), it ain’t cheap enough. And it won’t win anything at that diabolical price.

Best Bits

- Loads of questions
- Up to 8 players
- It’s completely Chegwin-free
- PS3 compatible
Worst Bits

- Too expensive
- When are you going to play this again?

by: Diddly

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