Pro Evolution Soccer 3

Pro Evolution Soccer 3
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-8
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Well, I didn't see this coming. Bring PES to the PC... why would Konami do that? Well, if you're an owner of a gaming spec PC, and you want to play football, there's no need to try and reason why, you must merely go and buy... buy PES3 that is. Of course, to get the best out of the game, you will be best served with buying a PC pad that is a rough copy of the PS2 pad.

PES3 is a port of the PS2 version - barring a couple of extra menus on the options, and the ability to up the resolution a little; it's entirely unaltered from the PS2 version - including the 'stutter bug'. There isn't even any mouse support on the menus. Actually, you'd probably be best just going off and reading the review of the PS2 version from 3 months ago if you want an in depth review, because, at the end of the day, football is football, and this is the closest thing you can get to playing football whilst sitting on your arse.

Review done... 9/10. Sod off.


OK, I'll summarise for those PES virgins:

The good:

- Players move and react very convincingly. When you hit a shot or pass, there's often a miniscule delay while players get the ball onto their preferred foot. Although you have little control on where shots go, shaping the player up to shoot on their stronger foot will give you the best chance of launching a cracker - the power bar doesn't control power, it controls the height of the shot. Sprinting at right angles to the goal along the edge of the area and holding down shoot will result in you having to fetch the ball from the car park. Similarly, players need to be able to 'see' who they are passing to for the best result.

- The ball pings around the pitch very convincingly. Shots can take deflections that will fool the keeper. You can't pass through opposition players.

- Goalkeepers seem to be a bit rubbish when you watch the replays. But it's only because the rest of the game is so realistic that getting a realistic scoreline in a 10 minute game requires something to make it a little easier to score.

- Plenty to do for loners - the master league is a monster of a competition, where you take your obscure team of unknowns, and win your way up through the various leagues and cups. As you win, you earn points with which to buy better players, so you can offload those that got you where you are now - just like the real game.

- Quite a lot of good player likenesses (Zidane, Beckham).

The Bad:

- There's only a partial licensing of teams and players. All the kits are incomplete, many players' names are wrong, and none of the club teams have correct names (although this can all be corrected - see below).

- The game stutters occasionally in play - a miniscule pause. It's easy to ignore most of the time, and is eased somewhat by fiddling with the sound options.

- The default camera setting is too close up. Move to a far camera for better play.

- Free kicks and penalties really need a little work.


Just a couple of points that should be noted for the PC version:

1. The game requires a powerful PC to run properly. Now either the PS2 has some hidden power that none of us know about, or the game is a sloppy conversion. Yeah, you can up the resolution, but it doesn't make things that much better.

2. There are a lot of unofficial third party mods available for it on the Internet. With these, you can update all the kits, players faces, boots, balls, stadia, commentary... everything in the game really, so that it even usurps the shiny and completely licensed FIFA in the looks department. Of course, as these are unofficial, I can't up the score for the game, but that would be a bit pointless when I've given it 10/10.

Yep, I'm sure that big 10/10 symbol hasn't escaped your notice so far - what you may or may not have noticed is that PS2 version got 9/10. Why should the PC version score higher? Well, quite simply, the PC has NEVER seen a football game of anything close to this quality, and I applaud Konami for porting the game to the PC.

Good Points

- Best football on the PC by a huge margin.

Bad Points

- The lack of full licenses.
- High specs needed although it doesn't look that amazing.

by: Peter Potatohead