Wings of the Luftwaffe
Developer: Gajin Entertainment
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Release Date: Out Now
Players: One, Online Multiplayer
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Wings of the Luftwaffe is an expansion pack for the arcade/ simulator game Wings of Prey, published a year or so ago by Gajin Entertainment. Essentially this expansion provides the opportunity to fly for the Luftwaffe against the Brits where you get to—shock horror–shoot down Spitfires. Sacrilege! How could you?! Ahem, anyway, installation is straight forward and when you load up either Wings of Prey or Wings of the Luftwaffe you will find yourself in the main game with the addition of 12 new missions flying for fatty Goering’s gang.

As in the main game the missions take place in a variety of ‘theatres’, or locations and throw you straight into the action. The first mission is a bombing mission flying Stuka dive bombers against coastal installations in the South of England. On approaching the white cliffs of Dover I was immediately swamped by dozens of Spits and didn’t even make it to the coast, let alone the target. Blimey if we’d had that amount of resources we’d have won the Battle of Britain in a day!

As with the original game, this expansion leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand the missions are slick with incredible sounds and graphics, and present an extremely tough challenge on Expert level. On the other hand the game still has an arcade feel and lacks depth, with each mission following pretty much the same format of swamping you with enemies leaving no real room for tactics, and making each mission a frenetic battle for survival. Some variation in pace and intensity would have been nice.

Finally this game cries out for a dynamic campaign to extend the long term appeal and make it more than a historically based shoot-em-up. Sadly it seems the developers have already moved on and there appear to be no long term plans to develop the product. I can only hope I am wrong and this game gets the attention it deserves, as the potential is massive.

Best Bits

- Incredible visuals and sonics.
- Great for a quick fix aerial warfare blast.
Worst Bits

- Lacks depth.
- Missions tend to follow a similar format.
- More game than sim.

by: Captain Magenta

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