Puzzle Agent 2
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Release Date: Out Now
Players/Online features: 1
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Puzzle Agent 2 puts you in control of Agent Nelson Tethers who is the soul member of the FBI puzzle detective team. Nelson is on a vacation to Scoggins, a seemingly peaceful town filled with an array of people which can only be described as odd. As one by one the residents slowly begin to disappear, it becomes clear that things are not quite as they seem in the snowy town of Scoggins.

On your journey around Scoggins you will meet an array of characters each with somewhat of a bizarre trait to them, and as the story unfolds so do many weird happenings. Each character has a back-story which can be found out by a list of questions scribbled on your notepad; this method is similar to the speech interface used in Bethesda games such as Fallout or Oblivion. This does not really affect the game as these additional questions do not really add too much to the story itself, as the replies are often similar and with each person the questions are similar if not exactly the same.

The game is a blend of point-and-click adventure with puzzle mechanics implemented when a task presents itself, the puzzles range from maths problems to complex brainteasers. Each puzzle presents a mild challenge but no puzzle will really leave you working on it for more than five to ten minutes. Sometimes when working on the puzzles you’ll find yourself accidentally doing something wrong and as the game has no ‘undo’ option and an autosave feature you are forced to restart which can be very annoying at times. The sole way to interact with the game when you are not involved in a task is with a magnifying glass attached to the mouse, with this you can interact with people and search for mislaid pieces of chewed gum, collecting these will become incredibly valuable, as they serve as hints if you are stuck on a puzzle.

The game’s visuals consist of stylised hand-drawn 2D visuals and a cut scene frame rate of about 4-5 fps which adds to the overall charm of the game. Unfortunately when you are travelling around on a snowmobile the jerky frame rate can be off putting and can hurt your eyes.

Puzzle agent 2 could easily be seen as the computers equivalent of the Professor Layton series; this is hardly a bad thing as the Layton series have sold very well on Nintendo consoles. It could also be seen as: a modern day Indie point-and-click L.A. Noire with Gnomes.

Puzzle Agent 2 is a simplistic game that doesn’t try to be something that isn’t; it is a fun puzzle-solving game with a somewhat bizarre storyline which is entertaining, but its effort to be too simplistic has some negative effects to the game like its low cut-scene frame rate, the lack of an undo or the fact that the story is quite short, but for a title you can pick up for under £10 it is definitely worth a try.

Best Bits

- Stylised graphics.
- Fun gameplay and storyline.
- Completing puzzles is oddly satisfying.
Worst Bits

- Frame rate bad enough to hurt the eyes.
- An ‘undo’ option would have been nice.
- Story can be completed within 4-5 hours.
- Little replay factor.

by: Banjokazoozie

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