Logic 3 XBox Freebird RF Pad

Logic 3 XBox Freebird RF Pad
Developer: Logic 3
Compatible: XBox
Price: RRP 39.99

So let's have a show of hands to see how many Gamecell reader's sessions have been ruined or at least delayed by some clumsy pillock blundering across in front of the TV, yanking leads out as they go? (Hopefully they tripped and bashed some sense into their tiny, forgetful and inconsiderate brains). I personally have of course NEVER tripped over a joypad lead but can see the merit in wireless controllers for bumbling, restless or footloose gamers. And obviously RF (radio) ones are a much better idea than infrared because they don't require line of sight. The Logic 3 Freebird feels a very similar size to the Xbox type 'S' pad and has a range of up to 50ft. We've tried all kinds of stupid ways of blocking the signal but can't - so it must really work. The pad's response is just like a normal pad but the feeling of freedom is excellent - especially if four of you are huddled around one TV playing one of the myriad Xbox multiplayer games. As a rather novel and clever feature, the pad has extra black and white buttons placed on the shoulders of the pad giving it a layout altogether more like the PS2's Dual Shock 2 (no bad thing in our opinion) - chucking grenades in Halo and getting your rear view in racing games has never been easier on Xbox.

A battery life of 100 hours is claimed, and we must be approaching that now and it's still going strong. We are lucky enough to have tried Nintendo's rather nice Wavebird controller and this one feels just as good, with the added bonus of a rumble feature. This of course will drain the battery more quickly (halve it to 50 hours apparently). To save space they cunningly placed the memory card slots in the neat little receiver that is styled to look kind of like a mini-Xbox. 4 bands and 2 different channels mean that it's possible to have 4 players in the same vicinity (although at 40 quid a pop we think this might be a bit pricey for most).

  • Wireless RF Gamepad
  • Up to 15 metres (50 feet) range
  • 4 player compatible
  • Battery life of up to 100 hours without vibration
  • Battery life of up to 50 hours with vibration
  • 2 Expansion slots on receiver
  • Uses 2 x "AA" batteries (supplied)