PSTwo Console

I shall call him….. Mini Me. After much speculation Sony have finally released a much smaller version of the massively popular PS2 (72 million PlayStation 2 units have been shipped worldwide) just as they did with the PSone near the end of its life cycle.


To start with the unit is unbelievably small measuring in at 9in (330mm) long, 6in (158mm) across and only 1in (28mm) tall! (or should that be short?). Sony’s new baby is half the weight of the original design, and the internal volume of the console has been reduced by an incredible 75%. It’s also much quieter than the original due to the fact that the big fan has been removed. To achieve such a small size Sony has made and external power unit like Nintendo’s Gamecube. They’ve also done away with the disc tray and replaced it with a flip top lid. You still get all the same ports as the original, 2 controller, 2 memory, 2 usb, power, AV and optical out ports. You also get a new port which is the network adapter. You can’t go online right away because the package doesn’t come with a start up disc. But if you register your console online or by post you can get one sent to you free of charge, complete with vehicular combat game Hardware Online Arena to play on it.


So, what you get is the very slick-looking mini PS2 with built-in network adapter and IR sensor, a control pad and a registry pack - all for the price of a normal PS2. We only have three gripes with it; the power/eject buttons are a little fiddly, they really should have included a vertical stand, and the cool blue light of the original PS2 is no more. One thing's for sure, Sony will do very well with this remarkable update.

by: SteMacD

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