Sony MDR-RF4000K
Wireless Stereo Headphone System
Manufacturer: Sony
Source: Sony Centre
R.R.P: 119.99
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When I was asked to review these headphones, I tried to think about the features that would be important to me. Wireless headphones should be easy to set up and use, have good sound quality, be comfortable to wear, have a decent range and reasonable battery life. Good looks would be a bonus. So, how do these Sony RF4000Ks live up to my exacting criteria? - rather well actually.

The set-up is easy; just insert the rechargeable battery pack supplied into the headphones, plug a couple of leads into sleek black docking stand, decide if you want it to sit vertically or horizontally, and then wait 16 hours for the batteries to charge. The attractive docking unit sits rather nicely beside the TV, a small light lets you know the unit is charging and a built-in timer recognises when charging is complete. So full marks on the first test.

As you'd expect from a Sony product, the sound quality is very good, deep rumbly bass and rich, smooth high notes. The earpieces cut out the outside noise very well although you do need the volume turned up rather high on your TV or PC speakers to get any decent volume - I suspect however this may be a general issue with headphones as our current wireless ones, an older Philips set, have similar problems. These Sony headphones are lovely and light to wear although I did find them a bit too big for my head and would have preferred a little more adjustment, they had a nasty habit of slipping down off my ears when I moved about.

The range is more than acceptable, I went upstairs and down the end of the garden with no loss of quality - it's officially 30m and I think that's about right. The battery life is approx. 7 hours on a full charge, which is fine for me but may not be quite long enough for a hard-core user - luckily you can use normal AAA batteries too, which gives you a listening time of approx. 10 hours, just remember not to put the unit back into the charging dock if normal batteries are still in it.

The automatic cut-off is another nice feature, this saves battery power if you remove the headphones and for storage purposes, the headphones fit tidily into the docking unit, so you won't be inclined to leave them lying around and then not be able to find them. All in all, a very nice product, although the suggested retail of 120 may be a bit steep, they are available cheaper from some outlets and are definitely worth consideration if you're fed up with pulling your wired headphones out of their socket every time you turn your head!

MDR-RF4000K Features:
Colours: Black
Type: Closed
Freq. resp. (Hz): 12-22,000
Driver unit: 40mm
Reception range: 30m
Output power mW: 10 + 10
Battery life (AAA/NiHM): 10h / 7h
Charging time: 16h
Plug type: Connecting cord mini to phono, unimatch plug
Volume control: Built-in
Channels: 1
Key features: Swivel flat charging dock / storage case
Stylish design
Auto On/Off
Circum-aural earcups
Accessories: AC power adaptor
Weight: 300g

Best Bits

- Good sound quality
- Simple to set up and use.
- Sleek docking unit.
Worst Bits

- Not enough adjustment so felt too big and slipped if I moved about.

by: Debba

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