Best Xbox One Games 2019: The Essential Xbox One Releases

Love playing online games like Book of RA Online UK but are looking for something more? You need to try out the Xbox One. It has got all that you are looking for, and more. Microsoft's console packs in quite a punch, with everything from motion gaming to 4k gameplay, helping you enjoy the best of everything.

The Xbox One has had a wonderful year so far with the introduction of some amazing games...

1. Resident Evil 2
This rather terrifying game will make sure that you are hooked. The responsive gunplay makes this game an absolute delight. You will be able to play many unpredictable challenges as you try to survive the game. This remake has perfected Resident Evil's unmistakable formula of survival horror.

2. Hitman 2
If you love a good stealth shooting game, then you must be a fan of Hitman. Now you will be able to enjoy the compact but detailed levels of Hitman 2 on your Xbox One. Agent 47 will take you through this stealth series as you travel the world aiming for that perfect assassination.

3. Resident Evil 7
For the ultimate spook, you need to give this game a shot. The visual and audio design of the game is stunning, and you will feel genuinely terrified. You will play the game from a first-person perspective as Ethan who is trying to navigate through the horror.

4. Forza Horizon 4
There is something very pleasant about driving games which run as smoothly as Forza Horizon 4. You will be able to experiment with a wide variety of cars (now even including LEGO cars!) The sound and the graphics will provide you with a driving experience worth remembering. This version includes all the seasonal weather variants and is set in the UK.

5. Gears of War 5
One of the best third-person shooter games in the world, this version will provide you with some excellent new weapons. The multiplayer mode will definitely take you on a ride as you try to take out the enemy with perfect headshots. The gorgeous set pieces make the experience truly immersive.

6. Dishonored 2
This game represents stealth gameplay at its best. It offers incredible flexibility as you go through the innovative and well-designed missions. You will fall in love with the world which is set in Karnaca. The depth and creativity of the game will take you by surprise. Enjoy the game as Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin.

7. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
If you are a fan of Greek mythology, then you need to play this game. The design of the ancient Greek world is bold and impeccable. Combat skills and willingness to explore will allow you to experiment with the game. You can either play as Alexios or as Kassandra.

8. Cuphead 2
Trying something new is always a good idea. This game will impress you with its flawless cartoon visuals. You will find yourself in challenging battles that you have to win with the help of weapons and your charms. However, the gameplay can be tough, and you need to devote yourself fully.

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