PS4 Surprise UPDATE: Download this FREE PlayStation Game Bonus NOW!

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However, if you own a PS4, you are in for a surprise.

PS4 console owners can download some of the best games from the PlayStation Store without any subscription. Here's why.

Gamer’s Bliss

Some of the recently arrived PlayStation games are now available on the PlayStation Store for free. Known to offer more than a few free games for the PlayStation console owners this weekend is no different for Sony. The company is all set to unleash several games to the PlayStation community. PlayStation console owners can playtest new games along with rewards and demos thanks to Sony's surprise update.

Do you have the PS Plus Membership?

If not, you can still enjoy many free games. But for console owners with a PS Plus Membership, you’ll face no restrictions whatsoever. Indulge in the classics or try some new ones such as Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn demo. And if the hidden objects genre doesn’t interest you, there’s a whole lot of areas to discover. Without any extra charge! Try the demos of newest, action-packed adventures and decide whether or not they’re included in your shopping list.

Electronic Entertainment Expo

Every year, the video game industry comes together to celebrate the best games of the time. This trade event showcases several upcoming games from top videogame companies such as Sony, Xbox One, and Switch. With the 2019 conference behind us, the gamers await the arrival of the best videogames. From Death Stranding and Elden Ring to Watch Dogs Legion, the developers continue to attract customers with the new trailer launches. Most games are available for pre-ordering. Some are simple to add to your Wishlist whereas some games come in a variety of editions making them difficult to choose from.

Any games to look out for?

The 2019 E3 left gamers around the world in awe with the announcement of a number of games from the best developers. Some of the most awaited gems are:

·Wolfenstein: Youngblood
·Borderlands 3
·Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

These are the games we're yet to witness, but some games are already available to the PS4 community. Packed with surprises after the PS4 surprise update, try the following games now!

Path of Exile
For all the non-members, there's one special game that stands out. This is a free-to-play game that lacks any sort of ‘pay to win' items or quests. Developer Grinding Bear Games' ‘Path of Exile' is the game we're talking about. This fair and completely free-to-play game is a big hit among the free-to-play game enthusiasts. Path of Exile, a competitive online RPG keeps the gamers captivated with different live events. Although free-to-play, the latest update from Sony brings you freebies with the PS Plus membership of course.

Fortnite Battle Royale
Sony fans know, the company throws in exclusive bundles among other rewards. Fortnite battle Royale is easily one of the biggest games in the world. After its launch in 2017, the numbers may have dropped for this game but quite a few people would jump at the opportunity of scoring new skins and loot.

This new update from Sony has brought to the Plus users a PlayStation Plus Fortnite Pack during 2019’s E3.

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