Minecraft: Starting a Trend of Crossover Between Xbox and PlayStation?

While the dream of being able to play games online on both Xbox and Playstation has long been held by gamers, with fans of sports-themed games particularly keen for this to become the norm as it would mean that, regardless of a friend’s console choice, it would be possible to see who is the ultimate online gaming sports star, it had seemed that the scenario of Xbox and Playstation crossover looked a very distant dream - until recently.

Of course, the chances of it happening next week aren't exactly high, but the world of Minecraft has made it seem more likely. Indeed, the world of console gaming should really learn from the crossover of video slot games at Guts and other online casinos such as NetBet or Royal vegas, who allow their games to be played on a PC or a smartphone, which means that users can get a good experience regardless of which tech they happen to be using at any one time. So, How Might Things Progress?

While the hope was that the crossover of Minecraft would be emulated elsewhere, it seems that Sony are keen to be the bad guys, since they are the ones who seem to be suggesting that they don't want to risk more players leaving Playstation to go over to Xbox consoles. Of course, protecting your brand is something that can be readily understood. However, with console and PC gaming in decline compared to the world of mobile gaming, it is a technology area that needs to show that it can adapt with the times to keep customers on-side.

Some had hoped that the fact that the world of eSports is taking off and is now popular and mainstream enough to appear on the BBC would prove to companies that it’s time to dust off the ‘has been’ image and look firmly to the future when it comes to console games. However, despite putting their name to eSports tournaments and pumping money into virtual reality technology, Sony seem to be stuck in the past when it comes to working collaboratively with other gaming companies. The most intriguing evidence of this is the fact that the Rocket League, which allows PC and Xbox crossover, has proven to be popular and successful yet has had no impact whatsoever on Sony's position.

Can Companies Pressure Sony into Modernising?

While the public seem to have little sway over the direction Sony want to go in when it comes to crossover gaming, there is one pretty powerful group who should have a big role to play: video game designers. Should companies like EA or Rockstar begin to demand that Microsoft start ensuring that games are allowed to be played on an online crossover platform, the chances are that the two big companies would be more than likely to accept it.

With the world of online gaming such that the game designers could sell more games and create more of a buzz around the online elements (normally the most popular part of games), you would likely see gamers in a happier place and more console sales generated as fans start to enjoy FIFA games between friends on rival consoles, or a whole world of online GTA action where everyone could take place in the same arena.

The likes of Sony and Microsoft are well aware that game designers make far better games than their in-house options like Halo, so the ball perhaps is now firmly in their court unless they have already given up and are starting to look at how to flee into the world of mobile gaming in the same way that EA have already started to do with games like The Sims.

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