Batman: Arkham Origins
Developer: Warner Bros Montreal
Publisher: Warner Bros
Release Date: Out Now
Players/Online features: One
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Rocksteady were really onto something great with Batman Arkham Asylum’s immersive and slick gameplay; fluid, cool stealth sections that actually worked and were fun and immersive, brutal hand-to-hand melee combat, and enough trademark gadgets to keep any Batman fan happy.

Origins features the same solid blend of exploration, stealth, combat and Waynetech gadgets to play with, and is, you'll be shocked to hear, a prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, this time developed by Warner Bros Montreal studio. You play as a less refined, less experienced Dark Knight struggling to survive in a city full of violent crooks. To make things worse a selection of the world’s greatest assassins has banded together, their mission to assassinate a troublesome young vigilante known as the Batman.

Arkham Origins features a new case file system that uses the power of the Bat computer back in the Bat Cave to do simulations of the events that lead up to crimes in order to solve them and track down the criminal(s) responsible, this new feature really makes you feel more like the "world's greatest detective" than either of the previous games. A better map system also makes for easier exploration and navigation.

The game has an XP system which allows you to unlock upgrades to Batman’s Waynetech gadgets as you progress, these come in three categories; Close Combat, Invisible Predator and Auxiliary. If travelling around the 7 districts of Arkham City bores you (and some objectives seem placed as far apart as possible) then the game also speeds things up by giving you “Batwing drop points” which mean you basically get a handy fast-travel system.

Origins allows for a bit more freedom than Arkham City and a constantly varying set of objectives, keeps the various missions feeling fresh . While the dynamic storyline and “Crime In Progress Tracker” continually encourages that you have "just one more go" before you end a session, making Arkham Origins easily the most addictive Batman adventure yet. A new set of Dark Knight Challenges earn you big chunks of XP and success in these unlock further, tougher challenges.

Arkham Asylum was a great-looking game with superb character models and animation, and four years down the line Origins’ graphics don’t disappoint either, with Arkham’s dingy menacing streets and gothic architecture well represented, the entire game oozing with menacing atmosphere.

Unmissable for Dark Knight fans and the perfect entry point for newcomers too, Arkham Origins is a fine third game in the series, and an excellent last outing for the Batman on the current generation of consoles.

Best Bits

- It plays so well, with its superb, well polished combat system.
- Stealth sections and gadgets that actually work.
- Good looking and faithful to the subject matter.
- Makes you feel like the hero detective.
- It ain’t easy, so will last you a while.
Worst Bits

- It ain’t easy.
- Predictable boss battles.
- Arkham is almost incessantly dark, dingy and depressing.
- Still feels restricted and claustrophobic compared to something like GTA V.

by: Mal Function

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